Project 6: “Cabin noise reconstruction at the mid-high frequency range” (1998)

The Italian company Ferrari, dedicated to the manufacture of high-performance racing and sport cars, financed a private research project called: “Cabin noise reconstruction at the mid-high frequency range”, to apply it to its new car model, the Ferrari 456.


The objective of the project was to characterize acoustically the vehicle by calculating the acoustic power of all the interior panels of the car, in the mid and high frequency range, applying the Model Inversion technology.


The purpose of the Model Inversion methodology is to identify and characterize all the interior surfaces (sound sources) and determine their contribution to each and every point of the sound field inside the cabin. The Model Inversion method is a non-intrusive technique, that allows minimum interference within the car, in a very reasonable period of time.


The ICR methodology allowed Ferrari to reduce the process of obtaining the acoustic power levels of the interior surfaces of the cabin from 30 days to 2-3 days.


ICR has been developing its own computational tools for the study of the inverse problem for about 25 years, which include optimization techniques, resampling and stability analysis to ensure the validity of the solutions obtained.


As a result of this research study applied to the automotive sector, an article was published at the Euronoise ’98 European Congress, entitled: “An innovative approach for the noise reconstruction and analysis at the medium-high frequencies.” O. Guasch, F.X. Magrans, P.V. Rodriguez & G. Manacorda, Proceedings of Euro-Noise, Munich, Germany, October, Vol. I, pp. 503-509 (1998).


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