Concern about the noise impact of both new fast lanes and high-speed trains has ceased to be a secondary factor in structural planning.
Work Procedure
ICR carries out environmental acoustics projects based on prediction and prevention of noise and vibration with a methodology that combines prediction calculation and various measurements with the best calculation tools available on the market. The objective is to obtain highly reliable results at the service of the most demanding customers: noise forecasts, both for rail and road traffic, are currently governed by European regulations, which are integrated into the company’s calculation procedures.

As far as research and development (R&D) projects are concerned, ICR has carried out tasks in the field of locating and quantifying sound power levels or defining new materials for acoustic barriers from recycled materials.


Below is a representative list of services in this sector:
Inversion models applied to the obtaining of the acoustic power from noise and/or vibration sources in order to quantify and order the level of noise generated by each noisy equipment without the need to alter its operation.
-Simulations of sound pressure level maps (among other acoustic parameters) on complex topographies.
-Calculation and design of sound barrier insulation and cabins.
-Making noise maps.
-Design of silencers.
-Numerical simulations (FEM and BEM).
-Vibration and multi-channel noise measurements.
-Analysis of noise and vibration transmission pathways.
-Design of new materials for acoustic barriers.


+ Experimental Modal Analysis of the vibrations of the railway bridge of the AVE railway bridge in Contreras. Ineco Tifsa.
+ Customization of ICR-Puentes software for processing bridge vibration signals according to customer requirements. Ofiteco S.A.
+ Forecasting study of the noise levels produced by the high-speed line Vitoria - Bilbao - San Sebastian, in its passage through the Mañaria Viaduct, Durango district, Vizcaya. Ineco Tifsa.
+ Control and monitoring of the vibrations produced by the AVE works on the stretch from Sagrera to the Nus de la Trinitat in Barcelona. Acciona Infraestructuras.
+ Environmental Impact of the Funosa smelter located in Odena. Determination of acoustic solutions. Funosa.
+ Environmental Impact due to road traffic on a stretch (Polígono Canyelles) of the Ronda de Dalt in Barcelona. Optimization of new solutions. Europroject.
+ Application of a model inversion method in the AGA-Toulouse (Portet sur Garonne), France, to determine the contributions of noise sources at different control points and affected neighbours. Study carried out with the factory running at full capacity. Buereau-Veritas.