Product vibration control
Vibration is a critical component of any product, and often plays a crucial part in their dynamic design. For example:

– Skis glide better if they vibrate less, increasing speed and agility.
– Tennis rackets possess greater control and accuracy if vibrations can be correctly harnessed.
– Bicycle stability can be improved by understanding the vibrational effects of frame design and types of terrain.

Although imperceptible to the human eye, controlled vibrations can measurably improve the capabilities, performance and overall standard of a product.


Possible effects

Uncontrolled vibrations however can:
1. Render your product inefficient and superfluous.
2. Generate unpleasant and distracting noises.
3. Lead to structural weaknesses and breakage.
4. Sabotage product quality.
5. Affect the health of the employee by not complying the standards.


Having established the vibrational behaviour of a particular product, and defining the objectives required, ICR applies operational methods to analyse the product and examine its vibrations under specific conditions.

These conditions can include: subjecting the product to vibratory deformations in the event of a fall or collision, stress-testing impacts and examining types of noise radiation caused by excessive or unintended vibrations


Logistical (software): Control tools to programme vibrations which have been created and developed in-house, enabling ICR to provide a sophisticated bespoke analysis, and which effectively translates into a substantial competitive advantage.
Physical (hardware): ICR can accommodate 112 channels of measurement in real time, using accelerometers (vibration sensors) and microphones.


1. Improves quality and performance.
2. Suppresses noise radiation.
3. Enables greater control over the condition and durability, extending a product’s expected lifetime.
4. Increases efficiency.
5. Reduces mechanical fatigue and excessive tension.


Success stories

+ Electric motor for windscreen wiper
+ Turbo Engine Diese
+ Wind turbine nacell