ICR’s work in the construction sector has focused on the characterization of noise and vibration problems, providing imaginative and original solutions but at the same time effective and functional.


In recent years, ICR has specialised in carrying out pension studies to calculate the level of vibrations received by a new building due to the passing of the train. ICR assesses whether there is a risk of non-compliance with municipal environmental regulations through advanced tools and methods, as well as advising its client on improving the building’s vibration conditions, whether in a building constructed or under construction.


Working procedure


 ICR stands out, on the one hand, in the performance of complete acoustic control studies and interior acoustics of rooms, especially in the design of new centres.


On the other hand, ICR carries out many to determine the maximum allowable immission level depending on the type of zone, as well as the sound insulation values for each type of activity.


In this way, ICR develops two main types of studies:

– The first aims to quantify and prevent the level of noise generated by outdoor activities. This type of analysis is especially carried out on discotheques, fairs, leisure centres, etc.

-The second includes the study of noise and vibration transmission pathways inside a building. The aim of these projects is to quantify the acoustic insulation of the affected premises.


ICR offers a wide range of engineering and acoustic consulting services focused on the architecture and construction sector, among which the following stand out:
– Analysis of transfer path applied to insulation assessment (GTDT).
-Numerical simulation of the behavior of structures by Finite Elements (FEM).
-Numerical simulation of the acoustic behaviour of enclosures by Contour Elements (BEM).
-Prediction of the dynamic behavior of structures by semianalitic methods.
-Calculation of sound insulation of single and multiple walls.
-Design of sound barriers, acoustic screens and enclosures.
-Numerical simulation of the acoustic behaviour of enclosures by Lightning Methods.
-Application of Acoustic Photography to the detection of incoherent acoustic sources (PSI).


+ Study of vibrations in the field of Borges de Abantia and Comsa EMTE Solar Thermal Power Plant Borges de Abantia and Comsa EMTE. Comsa EMTE.
+ Follow-up and technical supervision at the Llum ALBA Synchrotrotro to control vibrations on a slab and vibrations caused by a bridge crane respectively. Master de Ingeniería S.A.
+ Diagnosis and prediction of noise transmission routes in buildings. Project: Vitraso. FCC Cosntrucción S.A.
+ Study of vibrations and acoustic prediction for the construction project of the Laboratori de Llum Sincrotró ALBA de Cerdanyola del Vallès. Master Ingeniería S.A.
+ Characterization of the vibrations existing in the field of the future nano-manufacturing centre attached to the National Centre for Microelectronics, located on the campuso of UAB-Bellaterra.
+ Analysis of transmission routes from the exterior to the interior of a building through windows in Barcelona. Hotels Rosincs de Barcelona.
+ IBM, CPD San Fernando. “Forecasting of the vibratory impact of future demolition and expansion of the centre”. Master de Ingeniería y arquitectura S.A.