Research and Development

ICR dedicates a large part of its efforts to the research and development of new predictive methods in order to always have the appropriate tools to solve any problem that arises, whether at an experimental or theoretical level.


Participation in European and national projects is a regular part of their work.


ICR stands out for having made important advances in the field of Noise and Vibration Transmission Pathways Analysis, in the application of Model Inversion Methods to industrial acoustic problems, in the study of vibrations in wind turbines through Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) and in the development of numerical methods for computational aeroacoustics calculations. In turn, it also makes software implementing the methods developed.


Some of these advances are reflected in the publication of articles in the most prestigious scientific journals in the sector (e.g. Journal of Sound and Vibration, Applied Acoustics, Journal of Computational Acoustics, etc.) and by making presentations at international congresses (e.g. Internoise, ICSV, etc).



+ NHOA project funded by ACC10 (FEDER 2015-2017)
+ Acoustic insulation of complex systems
+ Acoustic barriers with recycled materials
+ Detection of blockages in pipes
+ Plate vibration: Computational and analytical methods. Direct and global transfers
+ Internal noise due to aerodynamic excitation in high-speed trains
+ Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Computational Aeroacoustics (CAA)
+ Industrial applications of reverse problem theory
+ Analysis of noise and vibration transmission path
+List of publicly and privately funded research projects
+ Acoustic Photography