Project 3: Location of noise of unknown origin in a building (1995)

#ICR25th anniversary Project review

In 1995, the Bureau-Veritas company contacted ICR to locate sounds of unknown origin in an apartment building in Bordeaux (France).

These sounds only occurred during the night, generating a noise throughout the entire apartment building, being very annoying for the tenants.

The technology applied to detect these unknown vibrations was an own acoustic photography method developed by ICR, adapted to locate the source of noise through the use of accelerometers. This method allowed the sources of vibrations to be located graphically and therefore the cause of the noise.

To detect the unknown source of vibration, a series of accelerometers were placed throughout the building. From the post-processing of the impulse response between pairs of accelerometers, a general visual image was obtained, allowing ICR to detect where these vibrations came from.

Thanks to the continuous development of R&D in all of our technology, ICR was able to solve this problem whereas other companies did not find a solution.

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