Project 1: EVS (Equipment Vibration Specification)

#ICR 25th year anniversary project review


Back in 2009, ICR developed a method named EVS (Equipment Vibration Specification).


The EVS method provides train manufacturers a tool to predict the vibration and structural-borne noise levels caused by third party train auxiliary equipment once installed and integrated into their train coaches. It also provides the rolling stock manufacturer a way to set out the vibration level limits and specifications required to their providers in order to accept their products.
In collaboration with the company Alstom Transport, the EVS method was developed as a software tool called LEVIS.
Later on, in 2019, Elliot A., Moorhouse A. et al. ( – Internoise 2019) improved some aspects of the method.
EVS can be integrated with the ATPA (Advanced Transfer Path Analysis) method, and could be also applied to other industries such as automotive, home appliances, HVAC and so on.
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