Noise Awareness Day 2020

International Noise Awareness Day

Today, 29th April 2020, we celebrate International Noise Awareness Day.


From ICR we want to make known the importance of raising public awareness of the risks involved in constant exposure to any type of noise. In our company, we have been working for over 25 years to minimize any type of noise.
This year, the celebration will be a little different. All the events that were planned have been postponed due to the global pandemic we are experiencing. But from ICR we see this situation as a unique opportunity to make people aware of how important it is to work towards a world without so much noise.


In these days of confinement we have all perceived a reduction in the noise level of our city or town. And surely we have discovered that we live surrounded by many noises that we are not usually aware of.


For this reason, today more than ever, we want to emphasize the importance of acting to try to reduce all the noise around us. And we are not just talking about traffic noise or noise generated by industries. We are also talking about noise in shops, restaurants, and even inside offices and workplaces.


Because this year the most important activities have been postponed, such as the “III Congrés d’Acústica de Catalunya”, where ICR participated in the presentation of a technical dilemma as well as in the realization of the closing act of the congress, we want to propose a challenge that everyone can do from home.


This challenge consists of the following:
15 minutes before 8 pm (at 7:45 pm) silence all the noises you have at home, from your mobile phone, to the television or any equipment that generates noise. Go out to the balcony, terrace or window, and enjoy the silence that the planet offers us during these days. Perhaps you will perceive noises that until now were invisible to you. But what we want to convey from ICR, is that once we return to the usual routine, be aware that being exposed to less noise is beneficial for everyone.


Do you join the challenge?

Share with us an image or a video of the moment of the challenge, and join the awareness of noise.
Let us know by using this hashtag #diaruidoICR

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