ICR predicts the vibrations in a new building, designed by ELIX, due to the passage of the railway

The operation of the metro and railways in an urban environment generates noise and vibrations that spread across the ground and penetrate the buildings through their foundations. In collaboration with the real estate company ELIX, which is planning a future building in the surroundings of Plaça de Gal·la Placídia (Barcelona) – an environment with high rail traffic in the subsoil – ICR has developed a methodology for predicting vibration levels.

This is based on the generation of a numerical model with the aim of evaluating compliance with current regulations on vibration. By means of this methodology, which combines both experimental measurements and simulations of structural dynamics and has been previously validated in buildings already built, it is possible to obtain forecast values that guide the client in terms of compliance with the applicable standard.

Tags: ELIX, experimental measurements